Lilitha College of Nursing Application 2022/2023

By | September 7, 2021

Lilitha College of Nursing Application 2022/2023

Lilitha College of Nursing Application 2022/2023


Lilitha College of Nursing


Lilitha College of Nursing Application 2022/2023

Lilitha Nursing College is One of the best Nursing Colleges in South Africa.

Lilitha College of Nursing was established by the Education and Training of Nurses and Midwives Act 4 of 2003. The intent of the Act was to:

Lilitha College of Nursing, Eastern Cape. The college is a single nursing college constituted by five (5) main campuses and nineteen (19) sub campuses located across the province. It is one of the successfully rationalized and largest nursing colleges on the African continent. We aspire to empower nursing students from all Eastern Cape communities, including the deep rural areas, to succeed in their world by offering a wide variety of challenging, enjoyable and successful nursing curricula opportunities. Lilitha College of Nursing takes pride in assisting nursing students across all nursing academic programmes to grow and develop into sensitive and responsible citizens of the next generation in the health system.
The philosophy for the college has always been meeting the needs of the individual nursing student. Lilitha College of Nursing, as an integral part of the Eastern Cape Department of Health, is dedicated to the pursuit of higher learning grounded in the arts, sciences and humanities. The mission of the institution is directed towards diverse communities of the Eastern Cape Province and the college acknowledges values, fosters and benefits from the unique qualities, rich histories and wide range of cultural values in the province. The philosophy and mission of Lilitha College of Nursing are focused on collaboration, excellence, innovation, integrity and research within nursing.

The management of Lilitha College of Nursing has released the 2022/ 2023 Application. Check for more information about Lilitha College of Nursing Application Dates as We proceed.
Note: Make sure You meet the requirements before Lilitha College of Nursing applications, to avoid forfeiting your efforts.



Recruitment and selection of students in the Eastern Cape must ensure accessibility of nursing education programmes to both rural and urban candidates and alleviation of a gross shortage of nurses in the Province, especially in the remote rural areas.


Prospective students must meet the statutory minimum requirements based on the National Senior Certificate (NSC) or equivalent school leaving certificate for admission to higher certificate or diploma programmes and candidates educational certificate.

Provisional admission will be based on levels/symbols obtained in Grade 12 June/September examinations or confirmation that study leave is being processed by the current employer. However the final decision for studying at Lilitha College of Nursing will be based on final Grade 12 results, confirmation that the applicant has been granted study leave by the employer and has not reached the pensionable age (55-60) applicable to all college programmes;
There are specific requirements for all specific programmes. The Admission Point System (APS) is used for allocating point values to your NSC subjects or equivalent:



NSC Levels                                  NSC %                APS          APS %               Symbol
7                                                         80-90%                6              80-90%                 A
6                                                         70-79%                 5              70-79%                  B
5                                                         60-69%                4               60-69%                 C
4                                                         50-59%                3                50-59%                D
3                                                         40-49%                2                40-49                   E
2                                                         30-39%                1                30-39%                F
1                                                         0-29%                   0               0-29%

For example, to register for a Basic Diploma you need an APS of at least 18 with an NSC/equivalent pass of Biology/Life Science at Level 4 or D Symbol and English at Level 3 or E Symbol Aggregate:

NSC Subjects                                  NSC %               Level            APS Allocated
English                                                     54%                      4                         3
Afrikaans                                                 38%                      2                         1
Biology/Life Sciences                           62%                       5                         4
Physical Science                                    60%                       5                         4
Mathematics                                          32%                       2                          1
Life Orientation                                     77%                       6                          5
Geography                                              68%                       5                          4
Admission Score                                                            21

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The applicant has met the requirements for admission to the Diploma as she is above 18 points

  • There are limits to the number of students that can be admitted to each programme as this is dependent on the accredited capacity by the South African Nursing Council. Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee acceptance or automatic registration to the specified programme. Candidates will be required to undergo testing and interviews as a means to further screen candidates.
  • Candidates in possession of health-related post-matric experience/certificate will be registered as per the identified quota for that group as specified below:
    Scholars: 50%
  • Candidates with pre-NSC Grade 12 certificate: 20%
  • Candidates with health-related post-matric experience/certificate: 10%
  • Serving Officers: 20%
  • Please note that admission requirements are subject to change and the college:
  • will invest heavily in nurses for ECDoH facilities;
  • will not invest in candidates that have attempted other avenues for example dropped out of universities/technikons/colleges and;
  • will not invest in candidates that are in possession of other qualifications. Should this be discovered at any stage during the process, the candidate will be disqualified.

How to Apply  In Lilitha College of Nursing
The advert is placed in the local newspapers (Daily Dispatch and Herald) in April/May period as well as on the website of the department: to invite applications from suitable candidates for all programmes offered at the Lilitha College of Nursing.
Before submitting the application and paying the application fee, please take note of the minimum admission requirements for all programmes of your choice.
NB: Application fees are non-refundable

In your application form, please attach your identity document, necessary school reports and deposit slip which indicates that you have deposited the application fee for that specific programme. Back To Top

The closing date will be indicated in the advert for that specific year.


Before registering as a student you need to determine whether or not you will have sufficient funds to finance your studies. Costs involved in Higher Education include Registration and Tuition fees, Books, Travel, Accommodation, Meals and general living expenses.

ECDoH offers financial assistance to full-time students in the form of a bursary on an annual basis. Bursaries will be automatically allocated to the predetermined percentage of selected candidates based on their registration with Lilitha College of Nursing (LCoN). Conditions and terms of the Bursary Contract apply. Students who have passed all their subjects/modules and progress to the next level of study will retain the bursary allocation. ECDoH/College reserves the right to reverse the Bursary allocation if:

Learners have not complied with the minimum requirements as per the specified programme;
Learners have not complied with college rules and regulations.

This is a general guide as to the length of study for various academic programs offered at Lilitha College of Nursing.

Qualification                                                                       Minimum duration
Short Learning Programmes: PHC                                          To Be Advised
New Nursing Auxiliary                                                               To Be Advised
General Nursing Science (B/Course) R683                               2 years
Basic Diploma (R425)                                                                    4 years
Post Basic/ Registration Diplomas: (R212)
-Child Nursing Science
-Community Nursing Science
-Clinical Assessment, Treatment and Care
-Critical Nursing Science
-Operating Nursing Science
-Advanced Midwifery and Neonatal Care
-Orthopaedic Nursing Science
-Ophthalmic Nursing Science
-One Year Midwifery Nursing Science                                      1 Year
Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and Midwifery: R174              4 years
Diploma in Nursing (Staff Nurse): R171                                  3 years
Higher Certificate in Auxiliary Nursing: R169                        1 Year
Advanced Diploma in Midwifery: R786                                   1 Year



To register for a Basic Diploma you need an APS of at least 18 with an NSC/equivalent pass of Biology/Life Science at Level 4 or D Symbol and English at Level 3 or E Symbol Aggregate:

NSC Subjects                                                                 NSC %                Level              APS Allocated
English or Any other Language                                          54%                       4                             3
Afrikaans                                                                                 38%                       2                             1
Biology                                                                                     62%                       5                             4
Physical Science                                                                     60%                       5                            4
Mathematics                                                                           32%                       2                             1
Life Orientation                                                                      77%                       6                             5
Geography or Agricultural Science                                     68%                      5                             4
Admission Score                                                                                                  22

The applicant has met the requirements for admission to the Diploma

  • Enrolled Nurses and Auxiliary nurses with a standard 10 certificate will be considered irrespective of an aggregate symbol in the Grade 12 certificate;
  • Candidates admitted to the programme are to be within the age limits as specified below:
  • Scholars: 18-35 year bracket
  • Serving Officers/Study Leave: 45-year limit

N.B. Your Senior Certificate will be verified with the Department of Education/Umalusi as a quality assurer and you will be liable for the costs incurred in this exercise. Remember, it is an offence to submit a forged/altered certificate and the consequences will be immediate dismissal.


The college also offers career advancement programmes to nursing professionals already holding a professional nurses post in the nursing field and having passed Grade 12. These programmes require a registered nursing professional with an active license to practice and with at least two years’ experience in the clinical environment:

  • Diploma in Advanced Midwifery and Neonatal Care
  • Diploma in Child Nursing Science
  • Diploma in Critical Care Nursing Science
  • Diploma in Community Nursing Science
  • Diploma in Clinical Assessment Treatment and Care
  • Diploma in Ophthalmic Nursing Science
  • Diploma in Operating Theatre Nursing
  • Diploma in Orthopaedic Nursing Science

NB: 10% of the Post Basic annual intake to be allocated to the College faculty staff members across all college campuses and satellite campuses.


The college also offers a bridging course programme to staff nurses already holding a staff l nurse post in the nursing field. The other Programme is a one-year midwifery course only done by those who have completed a bridging course:

  • Bridging Course (General Nursing) R683
  • One year Midwifery R254


Courses Fees in Lilitha College of Nursing


Post Graduate – R6000 Per Annum
4 Year Diploma – R6000 Per Annum
Bridging Programme for Enrolled Nurses
1st Year R3000
2nd Year R4000

Post Registration Programmes:

1 Year Diploma in Midwifery – R6000 Per Annum
1 Year Diploma in Community Nursing Science – R3000 Per Annum

Enrollment Programmes (Certificate Courses):

Enrolled Nursing Auxiliary – R 3000 Per Annum
Enrolled Nursing –
1st Year R3000
2nd Year R4000

Financial Aid and Funding for nursing students:

Funding is provided to the following private nursing students:-

EC Department of Health;
Health and Welfare SETA for Learnerships; and
Employees from both public and private sector (Study leavers) to provide own funding for studies

Course Structure: The College provides the following full-time Programmes:
Post Basic Diplomas: One Year: R212

  • Clinical Nursing Science, Health Assessment, Treatment and Care (PHC),
  • Child Nursing Science,
  • Orthopaedic Nursing,
  • Ophthalmic Nursing,
  • Midwifery and Neonatal Nursing Science (Centralised and Decentralised (DPAM),
  • Critical Care Nursing,
  • Operating Theatre Nursing
  • Community Nursing Science,

Basic Diplomas:

Diploma in Nursing (General. Community, Psychiatry) and Midwifery: Four Years: R425
Diploma in General Nursing Science (bridging Course): Two Years: R683
Diploma in One Year Midwifery: One Year: R254

Certificate Programmes:

Enrolled Nursing (EN): Two Years: R2175
Enrolled Nursing Auxiliary (ENA): One Year: R2176

Short Learning Programmes:

Anesthesiology for all categories of nurses (4 weeks)
Primary Health Care (6 weeks)
HIV/AIDS and TB Management Certificate (8 weeks)


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Lilitha College of Nursing Programme Outline

Basic Diplomas

Diploma in Nursing (General. Community, Psychiatry) and Midwifery: R425 – Four Years

Diploma in General Nursing Science (Bridging Course): R683 – Two Years

Diploma in One Year Midwifery: R254 – One Year

Diploma In Community Nursing Science: R276 – One Year

Diploma In Psychiatric Nursing Science: R880 – One Year

Post Basic Diplomas

Post Basic Diploma In Child Nursing Science: R212 – One Year

Post Basic Diploma In Clinical Nursing Science Health Assessment, Treatment And Care Course Outline: R48 – One Year

Post Basic Diploma In Community Nursing Science Course Outline: R212 – One Year

Post Basic Diploma In Medical and Surgical Nursing Science: Critical Care Nursing-General Course Outline: R212 – One Year

Post Basic Diploma In Medical and Surgical Nursing Science: Operating Theatre Nursing Course Outline: R212 – One Year

Post Basic Diploma In Medical and Surgical Nursing Science: Ophthalmological Nursing Course Outline: R212 – One Year

Post Basic Diploma In Medical and Surgical Nursing Science: Orthopaedic Nursing Course Outline: R212 – One Year

Post Basic Diploma In Midwifery and Neonatal Nursing Science Course Outline: R212 – One Year



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Contact Details

Lilitha College of Nursing contact:


Gleaves House Building
40 Lennox Road


Private Bag X0028

Contact Details

Ms N.B. Makinana (Acting Principal)
TEL: 043 700 9700

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