Dr J S Moroka Community Hospital Nursing School Application 2022/2023

By | August 25, 2021

Dr J S Moroka Community Hospital Nursing School Application 2022/2023

Dr J S Moroka Community Hospital Nursing School Application 2022/2023

Dr J S Moroka Community Hospital Nursing School

Nursing is a profession within the health care sector focused on the care of individuals, families, and communities so they may attain, maintain, or recover optimal health and quality of life. … Nurses practice in many specialities with differing levels of prescription authority. Nursing combines compassion, knowledge and sophisticated health technology to restore, maintain and promote the health of individuals, groups, or communities. Nursing is both an art and a science: caring, compassionate relationships blended with the development and application of nursing knowledge, techniques and ethics.
Dr J S Moroka Community Hospital School of Nursing is a Nursing school in the Free State province, South Africa that forms part of the numerous nursing training colleges scattered throughout South Africa. The school is under the South African Nursing Council (SANC) and hence admissions are conducted by the South African Nursing Council (SANC) admission systems.

NSC Requirements:

English Home Language OR First Additional Language Level 4
Mathematics Level 4
Life Sciences AND/OR Physical Science Level 4

The Faculty of Health Sciences uses a composite index score to guide applicant selection. This includes:
1) Your matric academic results for five subjects: English, Mathematics, Physical Science/Life Sciences and the best two other subjects. We consider the percentage achieved, not the symbol.
2) National Benchmark Test (NBT) scores.

Each of the two components carries a 50% weighting.

All applicants must write the NBT. Applicants applying to the Graduate Entry Medical Programme (GEMP) only, as well as applicants who are in their final year of study towards a Bachelor’s degree, or who have already completed a Bachelor’s degree, are not required to write the NBT.

To qualify as a nurse, you do one of the following:

a four-year bachelor degree in nursing

A three-year diploma

a one-year higher certificate in auxiliary nursing

one-year postgraduate advanced diploma in nursing and midwifery on top of your degree or diploma.

After you get your qualification, you have to register with the South Africa Nursing Council(SANC)

How To Apply To The Dr J S Moroka Community Hospital Nursing School Application 2022/2023
The steps below have been aligned to guide you on how to apply to the Boitumelo Hospital Nursing School

Applicants currently in Grade 12 are requested to provide school stamped copies of final Grade 11.
Each prospective student must complete the online application.
Once your online application has been submitted and processed, you will receive a student number (Reference number).
Applicants writing the National Senior Certificate (NSC) through IEB or SACAI examining bodies can apply online by selecting “National Senior Certificate” under the Results Detail page of the online application process.
Applicants who completed the GED and would like to study towards an undergraduate curricular qualification are advised to register and complete a grade 12 NSC/IEB/SACAI or international equivalent.
Applicants who did not complete SC/NSC/IEB must have USAF accreditation from the examination board for South African Universities.

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Why Choose Dr J S Moroka Community Hospital Nursing School Application 2022/2023?
Receive accredited training.
We offer competent Educators, a safe and secure environment.
We have a well-equipped simulation laboratory where you can practice your clinical skills before entering the clinical environment.


Dr J S Moroka Community Hospital Nursing School Application 2022/2023
How to Check or Track your Dr J S Moroka Community Hospital Nursing School Application 2022/2023 Application Status after applying, you need to follow these steps;

Go to Dr J S Moroka Community Hospital Nursing School status checker portal –

Select and Enter your ID Number/Passport number

Click Sign In by clicking SUBMIT button

Then click the “Login” button to access your admission status

Dr J S Moroka Community Hospital Nursing School Application 2022/2023 General Notes
Prospective students must meet the statutory minimum requirements based on the National Senior Certificate (NSC) or equivalent school leaving certificate for admission to higher certificate or diploma programmes and candidates educational certificate.

Provisional admission will be based on levels/symbols obtained in Grade 12 June/September examinations or confirmation that study leave is being processed by the current employer. However the final decision for studying at Dihlabeng Regional Hospital Nursing School will be based on final Grade 12 results, confirmation that the applicant has been granted study leave by the employer and has not reached the pensionable age (55-60) applicable to all college programmes;

There are specific requirements for all specific programmes. The Admission Point System (APS) is used for allocating point values to your NSC subjects or equivalent:

Admission Point System

NSC Levels               NSC %          APS          APS %          Symbol
7                                80-90%          6                80-90%              A
6                                70-79%            5               70-79%                B
5                                60-69%           4               60-69%                C
4                                 50-59%           3                50-59%               D
3                                 40-49%          2                40-49                   E
2                                 30-39%          1                30-39%                F
1                                 0-29%                               0-29%

For example, to register for a Basic Diploma you need an APS of at least 18 with an NSC/equivalent pass of Biology/Life Science at Level 4 or D Symbol and English at Level 3 or E Symbol Aggregate:

NSC Subjects                   NSC %                Level              APS Allocated
English                                  54%                          4                            3
Afrikaans                              38%                         2                             1
Biology/Life Sciences         62%                        5                             4
Physical Science                  60%                        5                             4
Mathematics                        32%                        2                              1
Life Orientation                   77%                        6                              5
Geography                            68%                        5                              4
Admission Score 21

Note: Applicants have to meet the requirements for admission into the Diploma as she is above 18 points

There are limits to the number of students that can be admitted to each programme as this is dependent on the accredited capacity of the South African Nursing Council. Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee acceptance or automatic registration to the specified programme. Candidates will be required to undergo testing and interviews as a means to further screen candidates.

Candidates in possession of health-related post-matric experience/certificate will be registered as per the identified quota for that group as specified below:

Scholars: 50%

Candidates with pre-NSC Grade 12 certificate: 20%

Candidates with health-related post-matric experience/certificate: 10%

Serving Officers: 20%

Please note that admission requirements are subject to change and the college:

will invest heavily in nurses for ECDoH facilities;

will not invest in candidates that have attempted other avenues for example dropped out of universities/technikons/colleges and;

will not invest in candidates that are in possession of other qualifications. Should this be discovered at any stage during the process, the candidate will be disqualified.

Courses Offered at Dr J S Moroka Community Hospital School of Nursing And Its Requirement

All theory is offered at the Academy:

• Nursing History and Ethics

• Basic Nursing Care

• Elementary Nutrition

• First Aid

• Anatomy and Physiology

• Introduction to Comprehensive Health Care

Theoretical examinations are conducted by the South African Nursing Council at the end of each study year. Practical examinations (clinical) are conducted by Future Nurses Nursing School at the end of the year.

Successful learners can register at the South African Nursing Council as an Auxiliary Nurse.


Fees include the following:

• SANC fees access (Registration and final examination)

• Democratic Nursing Organization of South Africa (DENOSA ) membership fee

• Practical tool ( Medical kit )

• Auxiliary prescribed books

Fees do not include the following

See also University of Limpopo Term Date 2017
• Study Guides

• Own transport to facilities

• Achievers ceremony fees

Do you want to know more about the programs offered, click HERE


Dr J.S. Moroka Hospital: +27 (0)51 873 9800
Mantsopa Hospital: +27 (0)51 924 3268 / 3269 / 3270

Fax: Dr J.S. Moroka Hospital: +27 (0)51 873 9885
Mantsopa Hospital: +27 (0)51 924 2832

GPS Co-Ordinates: 29° 11´ 53.05″ S; 26° 48´ 41.50″ E

Physical Address:

Dr J.S. Moroka Hospital: Station Road, Thaba Nchu, Free State, South Africa
Mantsopa Hospital: Beeton Street, Ladybrand, Free State, South Africa

Postal Address:
Dr J.S. Moroka Hospital: Private Bag X707, Selosesha, 9783, South Africa
Mantsopa Hospital: Private Bag X09, Ladybrand, 9745, South Africa




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