Ann Latsky Nursing College Application 2022/2023

By | August 26, 2021

Ann Latsky Nursing College Application 2022/2023

Ann Latsky Nursing College Application 2022/2023


Ann Latsky Nursing College Application

Ann Latsky Nursing College Application 2022/2023

Nursing is a profession within the health care sector focused on the care of individuals, families, and communities so they may attain, maintain, or recover optimal health and quality of life. … Nurses practice in many specialities with differing levels of prescription authority. Nursing combines compassion, knowledge and sophisticated health technology to restore, maintain and promote the health of individuals, groups, or communities. Nursing is both an art and a science: caring, compassionate relationships blended with the development and application of nursing knowledge, techniques and ethics.
Ann Latsky Nursing College was founded in 1951 and was known as the Witwatersrand College of Nursing. During 1980 it was named after the first principal, Dr. Ann Latsky who was the Principal from 1951 – 1957.The College is centrally situated in the Hurst Hill and Auckland Park area, adjacent to Helen Joseph Hospital and the University of Johannesburg


The College is one of the directorates of the Gauteng Department of Health.

All education and training is provided in association with the University of Johannesburg.

The ETQA body is the South African Nursing Council.

All Nursing Education is governed by the Nursing Act 33 of 2005.



Phase 1:

Senior Certificate

An English pass rate of at least D HG or C SG
A Biology pass rate of at least D HG or C SG
A minimum of 15 points is necessary to obtain admission to Phase 2.
How do you know if you have obtained an M score of 15 points?

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Allocate marks to your subjects and symbols on your matric certificate, according to the following scale:

SYMBOL                              HIGHER                          STANDARD
GRADE                             GRADE
A                                              6                                           5
B                                              5                                           4
C                                              4                                           3
D                                              3                                          2
E                                              2                                          1
F                                              1                                           0

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National Senior Certificate

An English pass rate of at least 50% (level 4), A Life Sciences pass rate of at least 50% (level 4)
A minimum of 25 points is necessary to obtain admission to Phase 2.
Note: Life Orientation is half the original mark. E.g. 6 = 3
If in Grade 12 use your Final Grade 11 Results.
Acceptance into the process is provisional
The final acceptance depends on the final grade 12 results.

Phase 2:

If you meet the criteria in phase 1 you will be invited to an assessment.

Phase 3:

All short-listed candidates will undergo a compulsory assessment and following further shortlisting
an interview. Successful applicants will be required to undergo medical surveillance, including
a medical examination and security verification of all documents.

How To Apply

Applicants currently in Grade 12 are requested to provide school stamped copies of final Grade 11.
Each prospective student must complete the online application.
Once your online application has been submitted and processed, you will receive a student number (Reference number).
Applicants writing the National Senior Certificate (NSC) through IEB or SACAI examining bodies can apply online by selecting “National Senior Certificate” under the Results Detail page of the online application process.
Applicants who completed the GED and would like to study towards an undergraduate curricular qualification are advised to register and complete a grade 12 NSC/IEB/SACAI or international equivalent.
Applicants who did not complete SC/NSC/IEB must have USAF accreditation from the examination board for South African Universities.

Available courses

Lecturer practice course 101

Human Anatomy & Physiology 102 & 101
Nursing Care WIL 102
Primary Health Care Work Integrated Learning 102
Primary Health Care 102
Nursing Care 102
Applied Social Sciences- Sociology II
First Aid


Main Contact Details
Tel : 011-644-8900
Fax : 086-443-7935

Central Selection Center
Tel : 011-644-8946

Fax : 086-443-7935

Principal Contact Details
Mrs Rose Ramahlafi

Tel : 011-644-8900

Fax : 086-443-7935

Registrar Contact Details
Mr Hannes Cloete

Tel : 011-644-8900

Fax : 086-443-7935

For there information visit here.


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